E-bay Sniping (with a new word)


There are lots of programs out there that enable you to place "snipe" bids on ebay — that's to say, to delay your bid until the last second so as to keep the final price down. For those who like to snipe, BidNobble's for you!

This program is young and still developing, but useful. There are a number of options to customize the way the program acts and appears on the screen. It can access all the various ebay sites; connects by Secure Socket Layer protocol; supports multiple users; synch's with ebay's time; and tracks auctions by their time remaining, informing you of their status as it goes. This is of course in addition to the usual last-zillionth of a second-bid-placement procedure.

The author of the program invites feedback and suggestions as well as bug reports, so here's your chance to have a hand in the development of a popular tool. The program will run on any system that has the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or newer (and provides a download if you need it.) The documentation is comprehensive although a little idiosyncratic in parts.

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