(Almost) Free dance pad for StepMania

Kraft Dance Pad

I've written about StepMania, the very fun, free Dance Dance Revolution clone, here before. Dance games are fun and are great exercise. Kids love them, and I know adults who have cancelled their gym memberships to play 20 minutes of StepMania each day instead.

To play StepMania the way it was meant to be played, you need a dance pad. It turns out that Kraft is giving away dance pads for free: you just pay $6 for shipping. The pad is intended to be used with the four free games that you can download from Kraft's Active Gaming web site — there's a dance game, a soccer game, a "whack-a-mole"-type game, and a martial arts game. All four of the games are pretty good (for Windows only.)

But the cool part is that the $6 dance pad works perfectly with StepMania — and not just on Windows, but on MacOS X, too. (I haven't tried it with StepMania for Linux, but have no reason do doubt that the pad will work fine with that version too.) The pad has a standard USB connector — just plug it in and it works. All I had to do was configure the pad one time in StepMania's options page.

I received my dance pad about a week after I ordered it. (And although Kraft says there's only one pad per household, I've just ordered a second one, because StepMania has a two-player mode.)

7 Responses to “(Almost) Free dance pad for StepMania”

  1. CRitter says:

    I just ordered this Kraft game pad. I wonder if it will work with a Playstation2, say for Dance Dance Revolution??

  2. SoberVegan says:

    I just ordered one too! I play stepmania all the time. No more playing with my fingers, now I will play with my feet!! And to the genius who did the last post. Because you obviously did not read the article above your post, this dance pad is for the computer, not the ps2.

  3. Orbit says:

    Is there anyway of getting one shipped out to Australia?

  4. Ronald says:

    Is there any way that they could deliver it to England?

  5. Dark1lives says:

    This is a great find! i have been looking everywhere for something that will work with one of my current systems, pricing around trying to get a ddr type thing (i have a Wii so no luck). but now i can order this and download sepmania! Thanks, from my whole family!

  6. MaryJo says:

    I ordered the dance pad, can not get it to work. Running windows xp. Please HELP

  7. lolilover says:

    is this thing works with windows Vista? reply please…

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