Free International Phone Calls

A new company is promising unlimited, free international calling from the U.S. to 55 countries. According to Futurephone, "We're offering this service for free in order to build up the company's brand-name recognition. Our plan is to offer additional services in the future."

You can call from any telephone (you don't have to fuss with VOIP software on your computer.) Start by dialing Futurephone's gateway at 1-712-858-8883 (located in Iowa.) Follow the voice prompts to choose your language, then dial 011 followed by the international telephone number. In a few seconds, you'll be connected to that number.

(If you need to look up the international country and city codes for your call, check out How To

Futurephone's home page lists the countries that it supports. The company says there are no strings attached, and it seems to be true. (I heard no advertising, either.) Futurephone says the service will remain free until 2010.

If you try Futurephone, let other readers know how it worked by posting in the comments section.

26 Responses to “Free International Phone Calls”

  1. William says:

    I do hope this is truely free with no strings. Wife is on the phone to her best friend stationed in Japan. The quality of sound is excellent and the time it took to connect was just as fast as dialing a local phone number…I’ll repost once the phone bill comes in. Hopefully no internationl charges like they do advertise

  2. Ruben Jimenez says:

    My wife called her mom in northern Mexico today. Sound quality was o.k. Will wait to see phone bill also, then we’ll make more calls.

  3. Hank says:

    interesting. I will try this soon. Let me know if the phone bill has arrived.

  4. William says:

    Well in reply to my last comment on October 6th. My current phone bill came in the other day, besides burning up some of the unlimited night weekend minutes on the cell phone I do not see any other charges.
    Got a feeling my wife will be calling her best friend in Japan lot more often now.

  5. bashar says:

    Is there any possibility making call in Bangladesh Cellular?

  6. GD says:

    I couldn’t believe it either. First call to Canada was crisp and good. Next two the recipients said sounded like bad headphones, seashell or poor cell phone quality. I will continue to try this with some trusted international friends.

  7. Aditya says:

    Is it possible to list India in this service?

  8. Mary says:

    I tried this service today and called germany but it stated it doesn’t support service to that area. On their webpage though the county code and access code is listed so I really don’t know, I’m waiting for a reply from them

  9. Devendra says:

    hae , why you are not going to add Nepal in the free calling destination ……….i am From Nepal…..please do that soon……….it will be so nice to share and talk with my closers very often…….

  10. murat says:

    hi is it possible mobil phone also

  11. linda osborne says:

    want t be able to call someone in italy that is studying abroad. can i call her if she has a mobile phone? i can call this from anyone’s phone?

  12. sultana says:

    it does not work when i am trying to call to bangladesh.

  13. Navtej Baharti says:

    It does not work to countries like India Pakistan Jordan Syria etc because those countries charge for incoming calls like crazy. That is how they make money.
    The quality is not too good on these free calls. Pretty terrible.

  14. masum says: it doesnt work for bangladesh..

  15. Rich Richarads says:

    futurephone has good connections most of the time, identical to phone cards, But calling during day and evening hours in the US is very hard, and frequently all circuits are busy for hours at a time. You need lots of patience in order to get your free call.

  16. Futurephone is no longer available.

  17. Stephanie Morales says:

    Futurephone is no longer available. Is there another number where we can start saving money?

  18. Jay says:

    You guy complain too much! It’s a free service I think it’s great. and I will continue to use this A++++

  19. john says:

    Now this is not working . Any one have any idea about whether it is working now also?

  20. Cheapy says:

    FuturePhone is dead: see Phone Phun for ongoing updates about it and other free international calling services

  21. ed says:

    I was hoping to use “Futurecall” but the homepage list it as “This service is no longer available”

  22. Cheapy says:

    Futurephone is no longer available, but a similar service is now available: see this blog entry for info.

  23. maribel says:

    I have many friends from uk, morocco, algeria, egypt, etc…I was looking for a “low rate” plan and found this page. Is it working or not? If not, does anybody know of a company/plan that offers low rates? Please let me know. Thank you so much in advance for your help…..

  24. suresh says:

    well, i really feel bad because i have never found any site which offers totally free call to NEPAL. I have found many cites which offers free call to many other country but not Nepal ,……….. so any one who know abt the procedure of free calling to NEPAL will u please post it here

  25. sangeet kayastha says:

    can any one tell me the trick how to call free to international countries? ( using some codes)


  26. sarun says:

    hay! why didn’t this service work for Nepal? is there any way i can call Nepal for free?

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