School Assignment Organizer for MacOS


For students brought up in the Information Age, who feel themselves unable to function without some sort of computerized assistant, here for you is Schoolhouse for the Mac.

It's a tool for keeping track of your courses and assignments. It contains a calendar which will pester you about things coming due; it contains a graphing tool so that you can visually track your progress in a course; there's a tool for publishing your results for sharing and discussion; and you can set up groups which reference your various categories of assignments, updated either manually or automatically (according to criteria which you set up). There's even a tool to load your assignments to your iPod for easy reference. In short, this program will do everything to manage your courses and assignments that you can imagine — except, of course, to do them for you.

The website is pretty sparse: it has a short description of the product and links to a forum and to the download. There's also a link that will enable you to make a donation to the project. The hot button for Schoolhouse is that it does everything you need – and costs a hell of a lot less than conventional programs such as MS Project.

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