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Free OpenOffice Label Templates

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006


Need to print labels? You may think that have everything you need: the computer, the printer, the stack of labels, even the great, free word processor in But one thing's often missing: a template file that will assure that your labels print correctly, with your data aligned properly on the labels. To make matters worse, there are about a zillion sizes and shapes of labels, so finding a compatible template can be tricky.

Fear not: is a company that sells labels in a zillion sizes and shapes. And they also offer free downloadable label templates for The templates fit dozens of mailing labels, shipping labels, and return address labels — with both round and square corners. There are also templates for round and oval-shaped labels, CD/DVD labels, videotapes, and floppy disks. (This only covers the common U.S. sheet label formats. There's a whole index of labels for Europe and Asia-sized label sheets, too.)

You don't have to use Worldlabel;s brand of labels to use the templates, because the index shows compatible Avery stock numbers for each template file.

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