A Linux Network Monitoring tool for the non-administrator


AutoScan is a tool in development, the purpose of which is to keep track of what's on your network. It's the brainchild of Thierry LaGarde, a Linux Adminstrator by trade. He has developed it as a result of his experiences and needs.

Autoscan develops a list of all resources on the network, reporting in XML as well as by displays. It scans subnets regularly, detects equipment added (date/time stamping the occurrence), monitors network services, detects the OS, brand and model of all equipment aboard, has an intrusion alert mode (it works by assuming that anything added is an intruder), detects hidden shared resources (a Samba share browser), and has Telnet and Nessus clients. It doesn't need administrative priveleges!

As noted this program is in development. The site is pretty sketchy – I couldn't get the "Documentation" to come up – and the English is obviously not that of an native speaker. It runs on all POSIX-like systems and is available under the GPL. Linux adventurers will find AutoScan worth checking out.

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