Play old DOS games with DOSBox


So you like DOS, do you? You really miss all the crackpot memory issues with UMB’s and expanded memory and extended memory and TSR programs? Well, here you go: DOSBox is a DOS/x86 emulator which has been ported to all sorts of systems: Windows, BeOS, Linux, Mac. It also runs 286 or 386 emulation, both in real and protected modes. It includes support for all manner of sound and video cards, such as Tandy and Hercules. Truly the past revisited! It’s true that when we upgrade from one system to the next we likely lose things that worked well and that we’d really like to keep; DOSBox is a solution to those losses, although it was primarily developed so that old games could be executed under more advanced operating systems.

DOSBox was written by four Scandinavian programmers. There is a lively user community hosted on Very Old Games on New Systems and the on-line support is extensive and complete. It’s totally free and is Open Source software.

Really, you’ll either be tickled or turned off by the whole idea of DOSBox. But in defense of those who do like it – there’s no shame in working with what works!


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  1. PRINCE says:


  2. Gabe says:

    I tired the site but when it said download completed I couldnt find the file anywhere. Are there any quick steps to download this, cause I would really love to play my old games.

  3. Chippy says:

    The installer downloads as “DOSBox0.71-win32-installer.exe” for Windows, or “” for OS X.

  4. William says:

    Can you try these instructions at my site for installing dosbox from sources

    I hope it would help you …


  5. Ana Pires says:

    I’m getting addicted to my old amiga games all over again.

    The secret of monkey island, I never got to finish it before. I’ll be sure to now. 🙂

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