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For the advanced techie and movie watcher, there are all sorts of interesting problems to be solved along with all sorts of programs to solve them. One such is HandBrake. It creates MPEG-4 files from any DVD or DVD-compatible source.

The program is a GPL application which runs on MacOS X and Linux; an experimental build for Windows is also available. Output is to the hard drive, but an option allows for iPod-compatible files for those who want to carry their movies around with them! There are a number of online manuals, developed by users, and there is a developer forum.

As noted, input from any DVD (including encrypted) or compatible source is supported; these include VIDEO_TS files and TV signals (PAL or NTSC formats). Options include chapter selection, basic subtitle insertion, picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling, and grayscale encoding. The developer did the smart thing in creating this program: he used all sorts of GPL libraries which were already available: they are all listed and the authors are thanked. As a result, it took only a few weeks to get the initial version going.

A heavy-duty program such as this is not for everyone — so an easier "Instant HandBrake" version is now available, dedicated to making iPod/PSP versions of your DVDs with less futzing around with technical stuff.

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    It is very good to have free dvd to mp4 convertor and i really appreciate your effort in doing the same

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    It is very useful to have free dvd to mp4 convertor and i really appreciate your effort because i can watch all my movies while i am outside home

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    i love this site

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    Good Site… Handy for Free Softwares

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    I love it

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    thank you for the program

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    Doesnt work for windows.. i downloaded both types still doesnt work. get it fixed

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    Agree with Bryce does not work for windows please fix that problem

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    really wonderful

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    its looking good but 1st i will check it

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    its good

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    It is very nice.

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    hi thanx for all the hep

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    It doesn’t work for me. Any DVD I tried to convert it says that it is encripted.

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    eze and good

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    very useful

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    I love converters

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    i want to try,how it converts ?

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