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Here’s a solution to the old and continuing requirement of keeping your PC data backed up: Mozy. 2GB of online backup space is offered for free, and 30GB or more can be purchased. The only requirement is a broadband Internet connection.

The process is simple. Log into Mozy and get an account, download the software and install it, and then decide what you want to back up. Mozy can save files based on their type, or can work with individual files or folders, or both. Set the backup schedule and leave your PC on at the selected time. Couldn’t be much easier.

Mozy can do “differential” (or incremental) backups if you want; and has very high levels of encryption for your protection. For ultimate security you should also burn CDs of your own; but Mozy is a good way to start for the average user. (We regret to report that we couldn’t find out what “Mozy” actually stands for).

Update: Mozy has changed its paid plan to flat-rate: for $4.95 a month (or $54 annually), you get unlimited secure storage. The free version is still available, with 2GB of storage.

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