A Partition Manager for the Expert


Gnome Partition Editor is a very useful tool for handling disk partitions. It allows for all imaginable operations on partitions: add, delete, resize, verify, and copy (when, for instance, mirroring is required). While ordinary system utilities allow for creating or copying partitions, going further is difficult; this one goes all the way, and supports all the major file systems to boot.

While partition handling is really a matter for the expert user (and the documentation, available online, reflects this) in general it can be stated that the program does the hard parts automatically: that is, detecting the operating system, the partition table format, and the file system format, and loading in the particular utilities needed to do the job. All the commands and operations are straightforward enough if you understand the concepts.

The major restriction on GPARTED is that while it works with most of the common file systems, it only runs on a few platforms: GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd, BeOS and FreeBSD.

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  1. sivakumar says:

    i need good partion softwere

  2. arindam dutta says:

    it is very good

  3. cjris says:

    ineed one too..!

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