Free Money with Agloco?


We at Free Download A Day are so not about make-money-fast scams and the like, so we took this with a grain of salt at first. But a lot of smart business folks that we know believe this is on the up-and-up, and in fact could be a great way to get some "passive income". That is, money with very little work.

The software is called Agloco: it's a "viewbar" that puts little advertisements at the bottom of your web browser window. They'll pay you for each hour that you have the ads showing, up to a monthly limit. And if you refer friends to use the software, they pay you a cut for their browsing time too. I think that's where the big money could be: the company says that for every 5 friends that you refer, your income will double.

The Agloco viewbar isn't actually available yet (it's in limited beta testing): but if you're thinking of trying it, you should sign up sooner than later. Get in the system, and maybe invite some friends to join, so that you'll be among the first on board when the viewbar does launch.

The site has a "member calculator" that's fun to play with: enter the number of people you think you'll refer, and how many each of them will refer, and you'll see a "potential earnings" dollar amount — a number that gets pretty big quickly. We have no idea if that number is realistic or not, but we're certainly going to try it — why not?

A few years ago there was a "get paid to surf the web" service called AllAdvantage that was similar in many ways. The company eventually crashed and burned, but along the way a lot of people (some of which we know personally, and have verified) earned thousands and thousands of dollars. We have no idea if Agloco will fare any better or worse, but we're in to give it a try.

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  1. Alice MacSween says:

    my info kept popping up telling me to enter a code. each time I did it kept popping back up, I thought I was sending the wrong number. Please confirm. Thank you.

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