Free file synchronization and backup software


GoodSync file synchronization and backup management software simplifies the process of protecting your data. While it's most easily used as an automated backup utility, its greatest strength is its file synchronization ability. Using GoodSync, you can sync files between a computer and an external storage device, between two computers, between a computer and a server, and even between two computers not connected to each other (using a USB storage device as an intermediary). GoodSync will sync the files either unidirectionally or bidirectionally, depending on user preference, and a number of specific "jobs" can be configured, each with its own attributes.

GoodSync allows jobs to be scheduled according to a multitude of conditions. Depending on user preference, the program will run automatically at a specified time, when a file change is detected, when the program is first started, when an external storage device is connected, or when a new user logs on. The interface is intuitive and the help guides are thorough. GoodSync has a multilingual interface, and supports over 20 languages.

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One Response to “Free file synchronization and backup software”

  1. stan stent says:

    Goodsync is not free. Yes I got caught out too. After setting up a nice 3 way system it worked so well that when the trial expired I paid the $19 to keep it working. The alternative was to run it in a very restricted ‘clobber’ mode.

    Regards Stan.