Customize your desktop with Window Blinds


If you get tired of the looking at the same old Windows GUI everyday, Window Blinds is the answer. It will help you create skins that can change the look of practically every Windows interface element, including title bars, toolbar icons, and the start menu. It does all this without modifying or altering system DLL files, so it's easy to undo your changes if you decide you don't like them.

Window Blinds has a simple configuration dialog, so there's no huge learning curve. You'll quickly be able to add animation elements to titlebars, and to change colors on the fly. The program offers support in a number of languages, and user communities have sprung up around the Internet so you can easily find and add new skins. The developer has extensive support forums available via the main website.

Window Blinds will work with Microsoft Windows versions 98, ME, 2000 and XP. No word on whether it will be Vista-compatible. The unlimited freeware version comes with all the basic functionality with no time limits.

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    i like w blinds

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    heyy love this site its the best

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