Easy screen capture and image editing


There are a number of reasons you might need to grab a screen capture, and the most basic way to do it is to use the Shift-PrtScrn key combo on your keyboard. The disadvantage to that is your screen cap is life-sized, and probably far larger than you need it to be. You'll end up using graphics editing software to make a copy of the screen grab, so the process of quickly grabbing an image of what's on your monitor can become a huge chore.

FastStone has a convenient solution to this problem with software program, "Capture". Capture allows you to grab an image of anything on the screen, and you can specify specific windows, objects, scrolling windows, and even freehand-selected areas. No more cropping after the fact, because Fast Stone Capture will ensure you don't grab any parts of an image that you don't need. The program appears as a floating window, or can be minimized to the Windows tray, so it's always accessible. It's not a memory hog and can be configured to run as soon as Windows starts. Once you've grabbed your screen cap, you can edit and save it in the program's internal editor, even adding fun features like drop-shadows and watermarks. FastStone Capture works in Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera.

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