Calculator for graphing and other basic math functions


Geek alert! If you're wearing a pocket protector and carrying at least one mechanical pencil, you'll definitely want to download SpeQ Mathematics, a small but extensive math calculator. You'll probably also find it handy if you're just an average math student, because SpeQ performs most calculations you'll need for your homework. It even draws graphs. To use it, just enter your variables into the intuitive interface, and then choose the calculations you want to execute. You can easily edit your variables to test different outcomes, and plot a graph of your results. The program can perform calculations for arithmetic, statistics, trigonometry, integers, probability, and a number of other options. There are about 100 built-in constants for math and physics, including the popular "chaos theory".

SpeQ is easy on system resources, and will run on just about any Windows computer. It can also be executed from a flash drive or floppy disk. The help and user guides are detailed and extensive, so don't be intimidated. If you can use your Windows calculator, you can use Speq Mathematics.

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