A customizable desktop calendar


Stay organized with Rainlendar, an attractive and feature-rich desktop calendar program which runs on both Windows and Linux. The appearance is customizable and skinnable, so you can match it to your desktop theme or create any color scheme that appeals to you. If you use another calendar application already, like iCalendar or Outlook, you can transfer your appointments between programs, and view your Outlook events in Rainlendar.

Rainlendar events can be given different colors and icons, making important events easy to spot. Upcoming and long term events can be displayed differently as well. When an event is due, an alarm can be set off either prior to the event, or at the actual moment of the event. Another nice feature of Rainlendar is its ability to display multiple calendars, so you can have one for birthdays and holidays, one for homework, one for TV scheduling, etc.

With built-in ability to backup, restore, print, search, and even localize the calendar to your language, Rainlendar is a highly useful program for just about anyone.

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