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You can search the Internet to find a variety of TV stations streaming their feeds, but it's a hit and miss proposition. You might easily miss an interesting feature if your search doesn't work correctly, but a program appropriately called "TV" can help you avoid those sorts of headaches. TV has searched the Internet for you, and stores in its database over 300 Internet TV channels from a number of countries. The attractive interface lets you search for stations by country, language, and category, and then plays your selection back through RealPlayer or Windows Media Player at a fixed 640 x 480 resolution (4:3 ratio). If nothing else, the program would be handy for students studying a new language, or travellers trying to find out more about the country they plan to visit.

New channels are added to the software's database automatically, just as inactive channels are removed. The program is intended for broadband use, and will work on Windows 98 and higher.

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3 Responses to “Watch TV on your PC”

  1. gman says:

    Download this… if your real TV is broken and you like religious shows.

  2. Chippy says:

    There are a couple of good Canadian news/political channels… that’s what I’ve been watching.

  3. Monica Kargulewicz says:

    I love it. Ofcourse you have to remember the time difference and there are a few transmission problems.The video stops and starts sometimes. But it has great music channels! I wont be upgrading to pro version as why would I want erotic programs. Yuk!

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