Cover your Internet tracks and free up some hard drive space, too


Microsoft Internet Explorer comes with settings that allow you to remove temporary internet files, old history files, temp files, cookies, etc., but the settings are hard to find and a bother to use. Sweepi is a program which will take out your IE trash with just one single click. In the process, Sweepi will destroy the data completely using "Sweepi Slicer", so it can't be recovered. This protects your privacy and personal data (the type which might be stored in a cookie). This will also free up a lot of hard drive space, because temporary Internet files can build up to enormous proportions.

The most recent version of Sweepi contains tools to help you optimize your RAM, and it will also help you create a backup boot disk in case of trouble. It keeps itself updated automatically if you give it access to the Internet. It works with IE, all the way up to the newest version, IE 7.

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