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The game of blackjack is all about probabilities. To have the best chance of winning, you can rely on your lucky pair of shoes, or you can practice, practice, practice and develop real skill and understanding. Blackjack Analysis Toolkit is for the serious gambler who wants to best shot at beating the house on their next trip a casino, and who doesn't mind some hard work along the way. The software author claims the program will teach you to play perfect strategy blackjack, with an even higher rate of accuracy than card counting.

The program is not a blackjack simulator, so you don't really "play" the game as you learn. You instead drop different combinations of numbers into program (cards a player might hold vs. what the dealer holds), and the program will calculate your correct play (whether to stand, hit, or double down). It will show you not only the best result, but all results, so you'll be able to compare the "perfect" answer to your own answer. You can mix and match the number of players and number of desks.

Blackjack Analysis Toolkit is written in Visual Basic, and requires that Microsoft .NET Framework be installed.

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