Scrabble word strategy game


Logical Games has created a truly beautiful and thorough version of the popular boardgame Scrabble. You can play with a friend, play against the computer, or watch the computer play a demo game if you're not sure of the rules or procedures. You can save a game in mid-play so you can return to it later. There's even an "undo" feature, so if you don't like the last move you made, you can forget that it ever happened.

Scrabble is all about words, and Pro Scrabble comes with a searchable dictionary database that you can use during play to find words to create with the letters you have available. Add your own words to the dictionary, or import a word list from another site if you find a list you prefer. When you've played a game of which you're particularly proud, you can export the table as a jpg file to save for posterity. With Scrabble becoming more and more popular, there are even professional players who make a living playing this game, so here's your chance to start training to be the next national Scrabble champion.

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  1. Frank Perez says:

    Would like to obtain and enjoy scrabble word strategy game

  2. charles says:

    great free scrabble game, the dictionary can be changed to the official scrabble one.

  3. joanne says:

    link appears to be broken

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