Multiplayer online action game


BOTS are virtual workers who have been called to save cyberspace from viruses. You can get your very own BOT by signing up for the BOTS game and downloading it to your PC. Your BOT can be customized using different wings, heads, weapons, and other features. Once created, you can battle through cyberspace by following a path through an online playing field with other players (that's "Sector Mode"), you can have head to head battles, of you can play in Base Mode where your team tries to destroy the other team's base.

BOTS is free to play — just download the software and create an account to get started.

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  1. ^Uyraell^. says:

    Directs (or is hijacked to go) to an iPhone wannabe startup gamesite.
    NO “Bots” game present for download.! Just laods of colourful crap pushing at the reader to sign-up.

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