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If you love to shop online, and love to get a good deal, you'll want to download Amazon PriceWatcher. This program uses one interface to access all of Amazon's international stores, and allows you to search all the Amazon product categories. When you see an item you like, one click will add it to your library. You can then use the program to list the price of each product, and to watch for falling prices on the items you covet most. Using different color-schemes, PriceWatcher informs you if an item falls below your desired price so you can snap it up at a savings.

Amazon PriceWatcher will display images (if available), and can import your existing Wishlists. It can even create charts of historic price patterns. If you have huge lists of items you want to buy, and find it all difficult to manage, this program may help you get more organized and save some money at the same time.

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