FTP program for Mac OS


Cyberduck is an FTP/SFTP program for computers running Mac OS X. It features an extremely intuitive and attractive user interface, and integrates fully with a number of external editors (like BBEdit), as well as with AppleScript. With Cyberduck you can accomplish almost any FTP task with ease, as it allows the user to synchronize local and remote directories, modify permissions on multiple files, and to resume transfers if they're interrupted. The program also allows bookmarking, importing bookmark files, and synchronizing bookmarks with iDisk.

Cyberduck FTP is available in twenty-three different languages, so it's the perfect choice for even the Welsh or Indonesian-speaking Mac user.

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One Response to “FTP program for Mac OS”

  1. S2Hedgehog says:

    Thank you! I was SO close to buying another FTP program when I saw this. Saved me a good 20 bucks or so.