Opera browser now available in version 9.1


The Opera web browser has been released in "new and improved" version 9.1. Once upon a time, users had to pay for the privilege of using Opera, but the browser is now free for users of all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's loaded with useful features, including tabbed browsing (with thumbnail preview), a popup blocker, a file download manager, a password manager, and a built-in BitTorrent application. The program also features some innovative concepts like "mouse gestures", where you can train your browser to perform specific tasks (like opening a link), when you move your mouse in a defined pattern. Widgets are another popular Opera feature.

Alternative browsers like Opera are often of interest to people with Internet security concerns, and Opera 9.1 is full of features to protect the user. Opera supports 256-bit encryption, and clearly displays the security level of the site being visited in the browser bar. You can clear the history and cache when exiting the browser, to protect your privacy, and there are a variety of ways to accept or deny cookies. The browser also has anti-phishing protection.

The Opera website clearly describes all the browser's features with text and video demos, and there's a large support community if you have questions or need assistance.

Download Opera 9.1.

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