Use WebSwoon to capture website thumbnails


Say you've written reviews of your favorite websites, and you want to jazz up the reviews by adding thumbnailed screenshots of each website's homepage. You could do it by hand – surf to each url, take a screencap, resize it in editing software – but the process would be time-consuming and rather tedious. Instead, you can use WebSwoon to automatically do the work for you.

To use WebSwoon, enter a list of urls into the program. WebSwoon will automatically visit each url, capture an image of each page visited, and save the image to a specified folder. You can specify the dimensions of the image you want captured, as well the format (your choices are jpg, gif, and png). Images can be saved with configurable names (url, date, number of site), so you don't have to rename them later. You can even specify whether you want the browser window displayed or hidden in the images.

Get WebSwoon.

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