Organize your fonts with Fontpage


You know they're in there, somewhere, lurking on your system, hogging memory. Fonts. You probably have far more fonts installed on your system than you'll ever use, and you may have some great fonts languishing in the font folder because you've forgotten about them. Fontpage is your solution to the problem of unorganized fonts.

With Fontpage, you can examine and compare all the fonts installed on your Windows PC. It will display normal fonts, as well as those in bold, italic, underline and even 3D. If you think two different fonts look suspiciously similar, you can bring them both up in the program and compare them side by side. FontPage can also print a sample page for selected fonts or print a list of all installed fonts. This is a great way for you to figure out which fonts you don't use, so you can remove them. Once you've freed up space, use Fontpage to preview new fonts you haven't yet installed.

Fontpage has a very intuitive interface and a thorough help file if you run into problems.

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