Design your own screensaver


ScreenSaver Works is a simple program which makes a slideshow type of screensaver out of your photos. You designate the images you want to appear in the slideshow by selecting them from folders on your computer. The images can be .gif, .jpg, and .bmp, and can come from any number of folders. Just set the number of seconds you want each image to appear, and whether you want the images to show up randomly or in sequential order, and you're finished. The program can be further-tweaked using the Desktop Properties >> Screensaver features in Windows.

There are certainly fancier screensaver design programs out there, including a few which can convert Flash files into screensavers. Nevertheless, the slideshow type of screensaver is perfect for taking into the office, so you can passive-aggressively bore people with baby photos all day long. Designing a custom screensaver would also be a good gift for a parent – guaranteed to make Mom cry on Mother's Day!

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