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Your Mom lives in Scotland, your sister lives in Vancouver, you live in Houston, and you plan to meet some friends from Australia online for a rousing multiplayer game later in the evening. How can you possibly keep track of all those different times zones? Luckily, you can download a program called World Time, a program with more features than any one person could ever possibly need. They don't call it the "Swiss Army Knife of clocks" for nothing.

For starters, you'll get unlimited configurable clocks, each with it's own time zone, configurable Daylight Saving Time, latitude and longitude designation (with a built-in world map), and description. Each clock can display as either analog or digital, in either 12 or 24-hour time. In addition, each time zone can have an unlimited number of alarms. World Time calculates and displays the Julian date, sun rise, sun set, moon phase, and hours of daylight along with the time. The program will synchronize your computer's system clock with a time server, and it minimizes to the system tray when not in use.

The software designers maintain a busy support forum, so they're available to handle both problems and suggestions.

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