Turn your keyboard into a piano


Just as the name promises, Tiny Piano turns your computer keyboard into an electronic 43 key, two row piano. It can play fifteen simultaneous tones (this limitation is caused by the keyboard), and it has a built-in metronome to keep you on-beat. You can also fine-tune the pitch, and reassign the keys/notes to a pattern which feels most comfortable. If you create a tune which is destined to become a hit song, you can record it as a midi file for future playback.

One of the most interesting things about Tiny Piano is that it's tiny. Not just piano-tiny, but software-tiny… it takes up all of 24Kb. The program can be easily moved around on a flash drive or even a floppy disk. There are probably fancier music-simulators on the Internet, but this one is free, well-tested over the years, and has a wonderful portability to it. There's also something very charming about the sound of midi.

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  2. Tony Keeton says:

    Dunno if it’s just my keyboard, but I’m missing a ‘D’ =(

  3. Poor Yorick says:

    You aren’t missing a ‘D’. The layout is arranged so that where there are two adjacent white keys, you have to skip a key on the keyboard.

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