Identify over 250 different languages


To get right to the point, Language Identifier is able to accurately identify the language in which a document is written. It currently supports 260 documents and encoding modules, and new languages are being added all the time. The software publisher, LexTex, claims it's the most comprehensive language identifier program available.

If you find a webpage or document whose language is a mystery to you, simply copy and paste a section of it into Language Identifier, and click the "Identify" button. The program will tell you the likely identify of the language you've found, as well as name three similar languages for comparision purposes.

A program like this wouldn't have a lot of use for the average person, but if you need to identify a language, it's really the only way to go. If you're doing an important school or work project and find a document which seems crucial, and needs to be translaterd, you can use Language Identifier as the first step toward getting your document to the correct language translator. It's also a fun way to figure out the origin of all those annoying spam emails which are written in fancy languages.

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