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Roboform is a browser plugin which memorizes, encrypts, stores, and fills your personal information into online forms. Rather than having to tediously type your mailing address each time you place an order at an online store, Roboform can fill in those details with one quick click. Roboform can also store credit card information for one-click convenience.

Roboform may be best known for its ability to store and recall usernames and passwords. Once the program is installed, it will prompt you to save your login details as you visit different websites. The next time you return to that specific site, Roboform can fill in your login information with just one click. Each passcard is easily edited if information changes, and you can choose to edit information manually at any time. The advantage of a "click and fill" program is that it protects you from keylogging scripts. You're also protected from phishing scripts, as the program won't offer to fill in a password if you're not visiting the proper url.

You can choose to protect all passcards with a master password, a helpful feature if you share a computer. The free version of Roboform has no time limitation, but you can only save ten passcards. The program works with IE, Firefox, and IE for AOL.

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