eBay auction search and snipe


If you're an eBay junkie, you're going to love Prospector Lite. This is a free tool for performing automated searches on eBay. It also "snipes" – it can be pre-programmed to swoop in and win an auction during the last seconds before an item closes. For searches, Prospector saves your search criteria and lets you repeat searches with one click. Searches can be fine-tuned and filtered so you're only finding the items you're interested in, and you can search across multiple eBay sites at the same time.

One fun feature of this program is its ability to show you what other shoppers are bidding on. If you find you're in constant competition for items from one specific eBay ID, Prospector Lite can show you what items your competitor is bidding on. You might find something of interest that you'd missed.

Prospector Lite has two elements to it – a program which runs from your desktop, and a browser plugin. The program works on Windows computers, (Windows 98 through Vista), using Internet Explorer. The free version of the program limits you to 30 searches per day, and 15 snipes per month.

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