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One tool everyone should have is a program to assist with downloading files. Dead Simple Downloader will help you download even the largest files from the crankiest servers with ease. To use the program, paste the url of a file you want to download into the program, and DSD will take over from there. If the connection is broken, the program will be able to resume the download later, and if the server can't be reached, DSD will make repeated attempts to connect. You can set the program to run at a specific time, or let it run in the background while you continue to work. If the file you're downloading requires a username and password, the program can submit them automatically. Once your file is downloaded, it will be recorded in a download history list in case you need to revisit the download site in the future.

Dead Simple Downloader is highly visually customizable. It comes with 21 different color schemes, and 59 cursor choices. It doesn't need to be installed so it's not processor-intensive, and it displays a graph of bandwidth usage during the download. You can enable automatic throttling as well, so a download doesn't prevent you from doing other work. The program has a thorough, integrated help file, and help is available on the publisher's website as well.

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  1. gman says:

    “It doesn’t need to be installed so it’s not processor-intensive”

    Whether or not a program uses an installer has very little impact on its processor use.

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