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Do you love to shop online? If you do, you'll love Rebate Reminder, a handy program to help you keep track of all the rebate submissions you've mailed in. Simply create a new category with the name of the store where you purchased the rebate item, and Rebate Reminder will let you add information about the item you bought (store, brand, description, serial number, model number, SKU, UPC number), and about the rebate itself (amount, promo number, address, date purchased, date mailed, plus more). If you have additional details, for example, if you called the rebate center with a question, you can leave a note with details in the file. If you want to be really thorough and careful, you can scan copies of all your rebate documentation and then link to those scans from Rebate Reminder. There's really no detail which has been overlooked.

Rebate Reminder uses Microsoft .NET framework, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website at no cost by Windows users.

(And if you need to buy some stuff with rebates to be reminded of, check out Free After Rebate and Rebate Blog.)

Download Rebate Reminder

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  1. SelArom says:

    hey thanks for the linkage!! new version is in the works (slow going, but it’s getting there)


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