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Whenever you visit a webpage, your browser stores a copy of everything on that page — the html, the images files, the audio files, etc. Those files are stored in a cache, where they sit until they're deleted (either manually or automatically). With IECacheViewer, you can view, search, copy, and delete information from your Internet Explorer cache. The cache may hold an image file you thought you'd forgotten to download, a script you're interested in examining, and also cookies from various websites you've visited.

Another use of IECacheViewer is security. By sorting the times in your IE cache, you'll be able to determine which sites have been visited, and when. It's a way to help recall a website you want to visit again but forgot to bookmark, and a way to check to see if the babysitter is actually babysitting, or is spending all night surfing! IECacheViewer Basic is free.

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