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Anim8or is a 3D modeling and animation program. While it's certainly not a top-of-the-line program like Lightwave, it's still an excellent starter program for people who want to explore the idea of 3D animation or hone their skills before branching out into something more expensive. For the average home user who just works with 3D as a hobby, Anim8or probably has all the functionality you need to turn out great results.

With Anim8or, you can create 3D scenes and animation, then and output them as AVI movie files, JPG. or BMP images. The program supports textures, bump maps, soft shadows, spotlights, fog, and much more. There's even a jointed character editor if you want to work with images of people and animals.

One of the most interesting things about the Anim8or website is the user gallery, where you can see examples of what people have designed in the program. The website offers both a forum and a chatroom if you need support or want to interact with other designers.

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  1. Murtaza says:

    I am a student of 3D animation so i search and want such type of softwares.

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