Pick just the right shade of green for St. Paddy’s with ColorPic


The folks at Iconico present version 4 of ColorPic, their color-picking, palette-building software. With ColorPic, you can pick any color from your screen, and get its value in hex and decimal. Great for web designers, it displays web-safe colors and their names, saving time and effort. For print designers, you can get CMYK percentages.

With its built-in magnifier and arrow key pointer "nudge", you can pick exactly the color you want. ColorPic works with all browsers, photo editors, or any other application. ColorPic runs on any Windows version from Win95 up, and at about 500KB, it's not going to take up a lot of storage space.

So is the Emerald Isle a Dark Green? A Sea Green? Forest Green? With ColorPic, you will know once and for all.

Download ColorPic

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