AutoIT: a not-so-basic scripting language


AutoIT is a Basic-like scripting language that allows you to automate the Windows GUI, interacting with on-screen controls in a way that simulates a human user. AutoIT can generate keystrokes and mouse clicks, interacting with dialog boxes and menus along with its use as a general scripting language. You can enter text, resize windows, drag objects around the screen, and much more–things that VBScript will not allow you to do.

There is a large online forum with examples and ideas for ways to harness the power of this tool.

AutoIT is self-contained, not relying on other DLLs or registry entries. You can even compile your scripts into stand-alone executables, with no runtime module needed.

Download AutoIT

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  1. gmangw says:

    If you are pretty good with a computer and want it to do more, this (or AutoHotKey, a very similar tool which I prefer) is easily the best free download you will ever find.

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