Scaletron cuts your images down to size


Resizing images while keeping their height- and width proportional can be a challenge. If you're creating a web page or posting to a blog and have a 350-pixel wide graphic and only a 200-pixel wide slot for it, how tall does the resized image need to be to maintain the proper aspect ratio? Enter Scaletron, the scaling calculator.

Scaletron will take the information you have–original height and width and desired new width, for example–and tell you what the new height needs to be, as well as reporting this increase- or decrease in size as a percentage. Or you can enter the original height and width values and enter a percentage to change, and get back the new height and width values. There is an option to get the effective resolution of your newly-resized image as well.

Scaletron runs on any version of OS X, and there is an older version available for users still running version 9 (or earlier) of MacOS.

Download Scaletron

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