Batch File Modifier saves time with file changes


Batch File Modifier does exactly what the name says: it enables you to modify attributes, time stamps, and text for a "batch" of files, all at once.

With Batch File Modifier you can also run HTML Tidy, the code-validation tool, on selected files, and build complied HTML help files. The interface is straightforward and easy to use. Click a radio button here and choose a folder there and you'll be processing multiple files in no time. You can build filters so that you modify only selected files, or you can select a folder and tweak all of its files. A checkbox allows you to include subfolders in your "batch" of files to process as well.

Batch File Modifier is only slightly more than 500KB in size, so it doesn't take-up a lot of space, and it will run on Win98 and later.

Download Batch File Modifier

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