SysTray Timer is a reminder with a difference


There are plenty of applications out there that will sound an alarm for you. Here's one that will actually do something for you.

SysTray Timer is a little application that sits in your System Tray and starts a program on your machine after a pre-set interval. Need to check your email every half hour, but don't want to keep your email client running all the time? Set SysTray Timer to open Outlook or Eudora, or any other app, every thirty minutes, and it will remember to do that for you. If you prefer, SysTray Timer can also be set to run your app just once after a desired period of time. You can optionally set SysTray Timer to start automatically whenever Windows starts up.

Completely self-contained, there is no installer to fuss with, and no DLLs scattered around your hard drive. System requirements are minimal: SysTray Timer will run on a '486 machine, so virtually anybody can use it.

Download SysTray Timer

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