PSPad: A text editor and more


PSPad is a free text and code editor, with surprisingly many features for a free application. Along with its text editing capabilities, PSPad allows you to work with multiple documents simultaneously, features a fully-integrated hex editor, and has a smart spell-check tool that checks only your text (separate download necessary for dictionaries), and doesn't tell you that "href" and "iframe" are spelled incorrectly.

PSPad comes with templates for commonly-used languages, such as HTML, PHP, Perl, and others, and includes language-sensitive highlighting. It includes an FTP client, macro recording- and playback capabilities, and allows you to diff files, with color-coded highlights for your comparisons. PSPad cn integrate with any compiler, and features an output window to catch compiler messages.

A number of extensions are also available for download that enhance the abilities of PSPad even further. Installation is not necessary; the entire application can be unpacked in any directory and run as-is.

Download PSPad

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