Getting off to a good start


8start Launcher is a floating, transparent application launcher for your Windows system. It combines the functionality of the Start menu, the Quick Launch bar on your Taskbar, and all those shortcuts cluttering up your desktop.

You can configure 8start Launcher to fit the way you work, dividing your apps up by categories and groups, mixing icons and lists, so that you can quickly and easily find just what you’re looking for. Buttons are customizable, allowing you to use many different image types to create custom buttons. Labels can be tweaked for font, weight, and alignment. You can even quickly check on the status of your fixed-and removable drives.

8start Launcher is skinnable, with over 30 different looks available for download from the site.

Running on Widows 2000 and later, including Vista, 8start Launcher may help you clean up the clutter that is your Start Menu, and get you off to a good start.

Download 8start Launcher

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