Better than a security blanket


Passwords are a good thing. Good passwords are a better thing. The best passwords are those that are so complex that even you can’t remember them. Now maybe you don’t have to.

AST, the Advanced Security Tool, is an app with many tools all rolled into one. It includes a password generator that allows you to generate random passwords up to 256 characters in length, and includes the ability to use “special characters”, giving you greater security when creating passwords. It also includes a password manager that integrates with Internet Explorer, making it easier to use those complex passwords you’ve just created. All the passwords it manager are encrypted, making it all the more secure.

An encrypted pad is included, allowing you to easily secure documents through a simple Save As command.

An intuitive interface makes AST easy to learn and start using. Maybe now you’ll be able to start using real passwords, instead of the dog’s name or your birthday.

Download AST-Advanced Security Tool

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