Flock: the social web browser


While there are many free web browsers available out there, Flock is a browser with a difference.

Built on Mozilla technologies, Flock combines the best of web browsers with a social component. Flock comes with a built-in blog editor, RSS feed reader, and del.icio.us tagger. Run across an interesting web site? Grab images and text and post them to your blog without having to leave the page. Share your photos with built-in support for Flickr and Photobucket.

The search feature allows you to search through your browser history, looking for terms in the pages you’ve visited, not just their titles, as well as your favorites and the Web.

There are some application-specific extensions available, but Flock also appears to support many Firefox extensions, or you can build one of your own with the instructions and API reference available on their website.

Flock is still in “pre-1.0” release, so there may be a few bugs along the way. The good thing, however, is that since it is a project still in active development, you can help to make it even better by reporting back your user experience.

If the social component of the Web is important to you, you may want to give Flock a try.

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