Peace of mind with Pet Health


How important are your pets and their well-being to you? When was Fido last seen by the vet? When is Fluffy due to get her shots?

With Pet Health, you can track your pet’s health and maintain a personal record of your pet’s health history. The tabbed design lets you keep an eye on medical appointments and procedures, grooming information, and emergency info, as well as identification data: height, weight, identifying marks, and license numbers. You can even add a recent photo.

Maintaining all this information in one place makes it easier to keep track of changes in your pet’s health, and when you go out of town, you can print out all the important health and contact information to give to the pet sitter.

You can enter multiple pets into Pet Health, so you can keep all of your records in one location.

Pet Health is compatible with most versions of Windows, and requires a separate .NET Framework 2.0 download. There is also a custom database that works with the app, available for download on the website.

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