Evaluate expressions with Expression


Expression is a scientific graphing calculator, similar in many ways to the Texas Instruments graphing calculators, like the TI-82, used in many schools. With Expression, you can evaluate numeric expressions, plot functions, convert between decimal, hex, octal, and binary, and more. You can enter values by clicking on the calculator itself, or by using the keyboard. Expression keeps track of previously evaluated expressions, allowing you to recycle them back into the main window, saving you time in data entry. The function catalog lets you pick functions and operations from a list.

Expression can be customized to fit the way you work. You can minimize it to the System Tray to keep it out of the way, or you can set it to “stay on top”, where it is always available to you. Licensed under the GNU GPL, the Visual Basic source code is available, just in case you always wondered how apps like this work.

Expression is a Windows app, and will run on Win95 or later.

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