Easy file sharing with Home FTP Server


Transferring files between machines can sometimes be a challenge, especially with older systems that don’t necessarily all speak the same language. Moving files across the Net can be a pain in terms of needing to properly configure FTP servers, especially if you’re a Windows jockey but your ISP provides only a Linux box.

Home FTP Server is an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use FTP server for your Windows machine. This application makes it easy to share files across your network or across the Internet. Home FTP Server supports anonymous connections as well as authenticated user accounts. You can specify the allowed actions for each user (upload, download, rename, etc.) and create virtual directories to specify allowed destinations and to simplify navigation, as well as restricting the types of files that can be uploaded. In addition, you can ban users by IP address, as well as automatically banning addresses that may be trying to make trouble for you (multiple failed login attempts, trying to download non-existent files, and so forth) to control who does what on your server.

Logging is easily configurable, and you can choose which actions to keep track of, as well as roll-over to a new log file at the end of the day.

Of the various FTP servers available out there, this may well be one of the easiest to set up and use, and probably warrants a serious look.

Download Home FTP Server

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