Amaze them at the water cooler with DialIdol


DialIdol is a fun little application for fans of the American Idol television show. It features two different tools: a speed-dialer for voting and a predictor of who will “win” or “lose” on a given episode.

Using your computer’s modem to speed-dial your votes, DialIdol casts as many votes as possible for your favorite performer. DialIdol won’t get bored hitting the redial button and can keep going through the whole voting period.

In addition, by tracking the number of calls you make, and how many of them get a busy signal, and aggregating your data (anonymously) with data from all other DialIdol users, DialIdol can make predictions about who the low-scoring contestants will be and who is most likely to be asked to leave the show. While admitedly not scientific–it measures votes only from other DialIdol users and doesn’t include text voting–it boasts an accuracy rate of 87% for Season 5, and claims to have accurately predicted the winner of every show that it has covered.

You can use DialIdol for many other phone-to-vote shows as well, like Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Duets.

DialIdol is available for Windows users with WinME or later.

Download DialIdol

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