Learning can be a game with Math Games Level 1


One of the great things about using computers in education is that with carefully crafted software, children can think they’re merely having fun, when in fact they are actually learning. Making any subject matter fun and interesting can go a long way toward engaging children in the education process, and help to reinforce the lessons they learn through teacher instruction and working through textbooks.

Math Games Level 1 for Windows, presented by the folks at Quiz-Tree.com, is a way for students to work with addition and multiplication with numbers from 1 to 12. Rather than just a rote memorization of facts, Math Games has learners interact with the computer in learning how to put numbers together. With a couple of clicks, users can select two numbers and an operation–addition or multiplication–and see what the resulting answer is. Images and controls on the screen are big and bold, so this application is especially suitable for younger students.

Math Games Level 1 for Windows is free for personal use.

Download Math Games Level 1 for Windows

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